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About us

      Zhongshan O Y Lighting Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive manufacturer focusing on the technical development of optical accessories of lamps and lanterns, as well as the design and production of lighting products. After years of technical precipitation, the product sales network has covered many countries. It has been recognized and praised by many owners, consumers, lighting designers and decorative designers in the optical field, hotel lighting field and commercial space lighting field.

      O Y Lighting is a global LED lighting product development and production of quality, innovation and service suppliers. Has a professional r & D, sales, quality control, production management team, advanced and perfect production and test equipment. There are various kinds of lamps production and manufacturing equipment, a number of product production lines; Have a full set of production capacity from research and development, mold opening, semi-finished product processing to finished product assembly; Also has advanced testing equipment: IES test darkroom, light detector, voltage, insulation tester, power meter, screening instrument, oscilloscope and so on. The introduction of German rapid prototype output equipment, ERP enterprise management system.

      Our products through 3C, CE, UL, RoHS certification; With Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Britain, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and other customers, lighting technology research and development institutions and international top experts to establish a close product development and technical cooperation, in the international market has a certain influence.

      We have a deep understanding of the lighting market and customer needs, and have the ability to provide our customers with cost-effective products and fast delivery. The company is committed to lighting product innovation and customer service, and grow together with customers, our excellent professional services can create greater value for our customers.